Trade Show

This past week Aunt Jennie (my older sister) was in town for a trade show at AmericasMart downtown.  I was able to help her for four days, more than I am usually able.  It was a really neat experience for me to learn more about her business, Venture Imports, and to help her.  It was also lots of fun just being downtown and spending time with her.  Her company website is listed on the right side of our blog – feel free to check it out!  I’m really proud of the work that she does and hope to get more involved in the future.

11702701_1003176293036210_5349487829534936850_n11225720_1003176306369542_8873711610453939335_n  IMG_4959 IMG_4963 IMG_4966

What were the boys up to while I was gone?  During the week they were watched by some daughters of a friend of mine at church.  SO thankful that worked out!!  And during the weekend, they had some special time with their Daddio. =)IMG_4541

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