Grandma Cleve’s Visit!

We loved spending a week with Grandma Cleve this month – what fun we had with her! We enjoyed a few special outings with her, but also spent a good amount of time just living life…reading books, playing games, learning German, studying Presidents, etc.  All four of us went to pick her up from the airport.  Our intention was to surprise her when she came up the escalator, but her flight was very early!  We surprised her at baggage claim instead.

IMG_5053 IMG_5056 IMG_5057

Then we went out for lunch downtown and explored the city a bit.  We wanted to go to Centennial Olympic Park and show her the inside of the CNN building.  Unfortunately there was a big conference downtown so there were tons of people everywhere…that, combined with the heat, made for a shorter afternoon there than we had planned. IMG_5063 IMG_5065 IMG_5072 IMG_5075 IMG_4552 IMG_4558

The whole thing exhausted Micah… He slept on the couch for a while after we got home. IMG_5078

We spent the rest of that evening (Saturday) at the house.  Grandma Cleve came with lots of gifts for the boys and she happily surprised them with little things throughout her visit with us.  We also celebrated Mike’s birthday that evening.  His Aunt Sandy sent him a Rodgers jersey – awesome!!

IMG_4567 IMG_4569 IMG_5079 IMG_5083 IMG_5084 (1)

We went to church on Sunday and then went to Ikea that evening so that Mike could go with us.  We took apart Ethan’s bed, so the boys each got a dresser.

IMG_5086 IMG_5087 IMG_5089 IMG_5090 IMG_5091 IMG_5094 (1) IMG_5097 IMG_5099 IMG_5102 IMG_5104

Monday we spent mostly at the house, though I think we also went to Webb Bridge Park for a bit.  That evening we continued the birthday celebration and went to the Dodgers game!  We were given free tickets and the seats could not be beat – so much fun!!

IMG_5106 IMG_5107 IMG_5110 IMG_5113 IMG_5122 IMG_4599 IMG_4600 IMG_4602 IMG_4612 IMG_4616 IMG_4657 IMG_4678  IMG_5115IMG_4683

Tuesday we went to Kid to Kid – boys picked out gifts from Grandma Cleve (please note, we did not purchase the sunglasses!) and then we worked hard on building the other dresser:

IMG_5125 IMG_5126 IMG_5127 IMG_5129 IMG_5154

On Wednesday, Grandma Cleve and I took the boys to their very first movie at the movie theater.  We saw “Muppets Most Wanted” for $1 each person!  The boys didn’t love the movie – “there was too much stealing.  Stealing is bad.” – but the experience was a blast.  We also got a little treat at Luv-a-Bowl afterwards.

IMG_5131 IMG_5135 IMG_5137 IMG_5139

We went back to work on the dresser and finished it!  Micah insisted that I wear a construction hat, too.

IMG_5145 IMG_5148 IMG_5151 IMG_5155 IMG_5156

On Thursday we went to the aquarium.  Grandma Cleve had never been before, so this was an especially sweet treat for her.

IMG_5159 IMG_5160 IMG_5165 IMG_5167 IMG_5173 IMG_5174 IMG_5175 IMG_5172

Mike stayed home from work on Friday, but he was sick.  Micah was sick, too.  I don’t remember much about this day and I can’t find any pictures from it, so I guess it was pretty laid back.  On Saturday everyone was feeling a bit better so we headed over to Autrey Mill.

IMG_4697 IMG_4712 IMG_4719 IMG_4723 IMG_4729 IMG_4731 IMG_4733 IMG_4735

Sunday the boys were sick…big time.  It turns out that they had hand, foot, mouth disease.  What?!  So Grandma Cleve stayed with the boys while Mike and I went to church – thank you!! – and they spent some time playing games and some time sleeping.  That was our last day with Grandma Cleve.

IMG_5181 IMG_5184 IMG_5185 IMG_5186

We had such a great time with her!!  Can’t you tell?

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