Reynold’s Plantation

This past weekend we had a really fun opportunity to stay at the Ritz Carlton at Reynold’s Plantation.  Mike was there for work on Thursday and BIAS offered to have families come Friday to enjoy all of the amenities.  We loved having this little treat of a get-away


The boys and I drove up with Monika and her kiddos.  We played at the playground for a bit until Daddio could join us.

IMG_5208 IMG_5211 IMG_5212 IMG_5215 IMG_5217 IMG_5221 IMG_5224

Friday evening BIAS held a family dinner down by the beach.  That evening we enjoyed s’mores by the fire.

IMG_4763imagejpeg_0-3 IMG_4767 IMG_4772 IMG_4777

I woke up early on Saturday and went for a run.  Gorgeous!  After a tasty breakfast with our friends, we went on a train ride around the property.  But we spent most of Saturday by the water.  We went kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding.  We also played in the lake and in the pool.

IMG_5235 IMG_4785 IMG_4799 IMG_4802 IMG_4806 IMG_4815 IMG_4823 IMG_4824 IMG_4827 IMG_4832 IMG_4834 IMG_4840 IMG_4848 IMG_4856 IMG_4860 IMG_4862 IMG_5240 IMG_5246 IMG_4866

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