Martial Arts

We’ve been wanting to give the boys a chance to try a martial arts class.  Last week we finally got to go to two free trial classes and the boys absolutely LOVED it.  I was very impressed with the program and we are definitely thinking about signing them both up in October, after our trips and when soccer is done.

The first day Ethan went right into the class.  Micah was a lot more tentative, but he did eventually get out there in the uniform they gave to us.  He only stayed on the floor for a little while, but I was proud of him for trying it.  The next day, however, both boys were very eager to participate!  Ethan won “student of the class” that day and was given the opportunity to try to break a board with his foot (he had tried the day before, too, but couldn’t do it).  He broke it on his second try and earned two stickers!  Both boys earned stripes for their belt for punching and kicking.  They do A LOT of positive reinforcement and it really worked well for our boys.  Both were very proud of their accomplishments and have been practicing their moves ever since.

Class 1:

IMG_5291 IMG_5294 IMG_5296 IMG_5298 IMG_5300 IMG_5303

Class 2:


IMG_4910 IMG_4902

Funny story: Ethan was having a rough morning and I was asking him for ideas about how he could change his attitude.  His idea?  Go to martial arts classes.  They had been talking about having good attitudes for the month of August. =)  Clever boy.

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