Udder Mud Run

On Saturday, I participated in my very first mud obstacle run. It was called the “Udder Mud Run”. It was a 7k run with about 35 obstacles. I completed it with my dear friend from church, Cathy, and her friend. We had a blast! It was SO much fun! Cathy lost her shoe in the very first obstacle, but she’s a beast and ran the rest of it barefoot. Actually, she and her friend each wore one shoe!  Because of that we were a lot slower than we had hoped to be, but that didn’t stop us from having fun!

Warning: this post is going to have tons of pictures!







IMG_4985IMG_4994 IMG_4998 IMG_6834IMG_6837IMG_6838IMG_5013IMG_5020 IMG_5041IMG_5050

Our sweet friends came to watch the madness.  Katie had hoped to participate with us but injured her knee, so she had to sit out this time.  She came out with two of her boys to cheer us on!  She was an amazing help in watching Micah when Ethan and I did our mile run so that Mike could go around the whole course taking pictures of us!  More on that in another post.


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