Our Travels

Trying to blog about our wonderful travels across the ocean is a very daunting task.  I am not sure I will be able to accurately describe the joys and adventures we experienced, but waiting more weeks won’t make me any more accurate.  So, it’s time!

The Cleve Crew had an incredible opportunity to travel through 6 countries in 17 days.  We spent most of our time in Switzerland and Germany, where we have friends living.  We also spent two nights in Belgium, but we drove through and had day trips to Liechtenstein, Austria, and Luxemburg.  Two members of the Cleve Crew even spent a night away in Paris, France!  (You’re beginning to see why posting about this trip is nearly impossible, aren’t you??)

I say, “incredible opportunity” because this trip is not something we took for granted and we saw it was an amazing-can’t-miss-this-opportunity.  We were able to use frequent flyer points to cover our tickets – what?!? – which gave us the ability to see some really lovely GOOD come out of all of those years of Mikey traveling for work. =)  My parents had a similar incredible opportunity (woot woot!) and were able to join us for the trip!  That was a very special treat to me, especially, because I grew up hoping that I would someday go for trips with my parents like we did with my grandparents.  To have this opportunity was really a dream come true for me – so special.  We were not with them the entire time, but we met up with them a few times throughout the trip and spent time with them for a few days at a time.

I’m going to do my best to limit myself to about 4 posts to tell about this experience.  And I will also try to think of better adjectives than “awesome”, “sweet” and “amazing” but, bear with me, people…it really was an awesome, sweet and amazing time.  We had a blast. =D

Our friend brought us to the Marta, which we took to the airport.  We flew non-stop (woohoo!) to Zurich, Switzerland.  It was a 9-hour flight and we had hoped to spend most of it sleeping.  Ethan was the most successful.  The rest of us got a little bit of sleep here and there, but we did not go bounding off the plane, well-rested.  =) Overall, the flight went smoothly and we were excited to explore Switzerland!

IMG_5165 IMG_5168 IMG_5177 IMG_5179 IMG_5181 IMG_5183 IMG_5191 IMG_5195

Next up…Switzerland!

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