Switzerland Day 3

I intended to put all of Switzerland together in one post, but it seems my massive quantity of pictures is not working well.  So I’m splitting these posts by day…sorry if it’s TMI. =D  Also, photo cred goes to Mikey, Remo, and my Dad.  I probably took a few pictures here and there, too.

Day 3: We went for a hike through Lauterbrunnen Valley and took a gondola up to Gimmelwald.  I cannot describe to you how breathtakingly beautiful this was.  We probably have 1,000 pictures just from this day.  It was absolutely stunning and we loved it!!

Walk from Lauterbrunnen-5 copy Walk from Lauterbrunnen-12 copygetting water copy Gian copy Micah copy Mike and Micah copy Racing copySeraina, Gian, Lia-3 copy Seraina, Gian-1 copyClevelands-2 copy Clevelands, Hengevelds-3 copy Clevelands, Seilers-1 copy

At the beginning of our hike, Mike and I took a quick separate hike to the middle of this waterfall.

IMG_5603 IMG_5607 IMG_5621 IMG_5662 IMG_5676 IMG_5687 IMG_5705 IMG_5709 IMG_5710 IMG_5730 IMG_5731 IMG_5744 IMG_5756 Mike and Jess copyIMG_5766 IMG_5776

We had a tasty lunch before heading up the mountain in a 5-minute gondola ride to Gimmelwald.

lunch copyIMG_5722IMG_5762IMG_5793 IMG_5800 IMG_5823 Mike-3 copyClevelands-3 copyIMG_5842 IMG_5851 Deb, drinking water copyIMG_5857 IMG_5862 IMG_5872

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