Switzerland Day 4

Day 4: We took a boat on the gorgeous aqua colored lake to Thun.  Remo met us there and we went on a short hike to Beatus caves to explore.  We also played at one of the coolest parks, with the prettiest views, we’d ever seen (okay, the one in Gimmelwald was pretty awesome, too…).

IMG_5894 boat trip-4 copy IMG_5897 Beatus cave-1 copy Hike to cave-2 copy Remo, Ethan-2 copy IMG_0030IMG_5919 IMG_5927 IMG_5929 IMG_5936 Beatus cave-6 copy IMG_5946 Mike, Micah copy

Next we explored a really neat castle, a good escape from our one rainy day:

IMG_0005 IMG_0007 IMG_0009 IMG_5974 IMG_5991 Remo, Ethan copy crossbows copy Ethan, Thun castle copy

That evening we went out for dinner at a great restaurant in Interlaken.  I think we only took pictures of our food and the outside of the place. =)

IMG_6030 IMG_6027 IMG_6028

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