Switzerland Day 5

Day 5: Our last full day in Switzerland was probably the favorite for all of us.  It’s hard to beat everything we had already done, but the last day was pretty special.  We spent the morning exploring Ringgenberg, which is where we had been staying for our time in Switzerland.  I’ll include a picture of the house and few from the top of a local church walking distance from it.  This place is unbelievably beautiful.  Pictures don’t do it justice.

IMG_5577 Ringgenberg copyEthan, Micah copy Ringgenberg path-3 copy Ethan, R castle copy Ethan copy Mike, Ethan-1 copyDeb, Cleves copy Jess, Mike, Ringgenberg copy John, Deb, Ringgenberg-2 copyIMG_6045IMG_6057 Jess, Micah-full copyIMG_6094

That afternoon we went up to a cabin that Seraina’s father takes care of for the ski club.  The big boys hiked after driving a ways up the mountain.  The girls and the little boys just hiked the last 15 minutes in to the cabin…no cars allowed closer than that!  We made fondue (even though they usually only have this in the winter) and enjoyed it from the top of the mountain.  I have never seen anything so beautiful in all my life.

Swiss hike copy IMG_6101 IMG_6105 IMG_6111 young Swiss cow copyGrandpa, Ethan-2 copy Mike, Ethan-5 copy Mike, Ethan-2IMG_6130 IMG_6141 Alp cabin-5 copy Fondue preparation copy Mike, Jess-2 copy Mike, Micah-2 copy Mike, Ethan-4 copyIMG_6188IMG_6156IMG_6161IMG_6190IMG_6238Fondue-3 copyIMG_6195IMG_6208gifts-4 copyIMG_6225


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