Day 14

On our 14th day, we spent the morning with the Bissonnettes.  We had another fantastic breakfast.  The guys all went to a park and Joy and I chatted at home.  I gleaned as much wisdom as I could in those couple of hours.  We took some pictures around the house in their new Hangar shirts and then headed to Belgium, where we met up with my parents for a final nights together. I don’t have any pics from that evening, but I think we just had take-out and went to bed. =)

IMG_7655 IMG_7663 IMG_7672 IMG_7675 IMG_7699 IMG_7703 IMG_7709 IMG_7715 IMG_7719 IMG_7723 IMG_7724 IMG_7727 IMG_7730 IMG_7740

IMG_7732 <– I had found Micah sitting out here by himself earlier and asked him what he was doing.  His response was, “just talking to God….”  IMG_7753 IMG_7754

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