Germany Day 9

After a week of traveling and exploring new things every day, I cannot underestimate the value of having some down time.  The Bissonnette’s provided a perfect blend of new experiences and time to just relax and enjoy each other’s company.  On our 9th day in Europe, we spent the morning enjoying life at The Hangar.  We helped with some yard work, enjoyed the trampoline and zipline, and played games around the house.

IMG_6980 IMG_6948 IMG_6952 IMG_6955 IMG_6958 IMG_6961 IMG_6965 IMG_6969 IMG_6970 IMG_6975 Micah, Ethan copy

That afternoon we headed to Manderscheid for a medieval festival.  Wow.  This was such a neat experience!  We got to see a jousting contest; my Dad got a TON of incredible pictures of this (I will try to only use a couple).  We also explored castle ruins there.  The B’s treated the boys to a gift at the festival (which they LOVE and are still playing with on a daily basis around here) – Ethan chose a sword and Micah chose a shield.

Clevelands copy Clevelands-2 copy Lunch-3 copyEd, Mike copy

IMG_6996 Ethan, Micah-3 copy IMG_7029 P1010638Knight 5a Knight 6a P1010623 P1010666 P1010668 P1010698 P1010726P1010734 P1010748

We had some more downtime later that afternoon.  Micah took a nap (what?!) and some of us played Settlers.  That evening we headed to another town nearby for a fun city festival.  We ate dinner, enjoyed music and even got to feed some goats!

Settlers-1 copy P1010754 parade copy parade-8 copy Parade-9 copy Ethan, goat copy IMG_7064 P1010798

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