I’d like to try to catch up to what’s happening in our lives today as quickly as possible.  I’ll start with a post about Classical Conversations and homeschooling with Ethan.  We got back home on Sunday afternoon and Monday was a holiday, so we spent time catching up on sleep and doing laundry.  The boys got in some time as knights, too.

IMG_8206 IMG_8221

Tuesday was our very first day of Classical Conversations.  We had a great first day!

IMG_5500 IMG_5502 IMG_5508 IMG_5511

We also had our very first day of homeschooling at home.  Each day I have E rank which subjects he’d like to do in which order – he seems to like this a lot.  We also made oatmeal balls on this first day as a little special treat.

IMG_5534 IMG_5537 IMG_5539 IMG_5541 IMG_5542 IMG_5543 IMG_5544 IMG_5546

Here are some more pictures from our first month of homeschooling.  I asked E how he thought the first month went and he had all positive things to say.  His only change he’d like to make is to “do more fall crafts”. =)  So far, so good!!

IMG_5554 IMG_5564 IMG_5565 IMG_5569 IMG_5573 IMG_5611 IMG_5614 IMG_5679 IMG_5685 IMG_5742IMG_5717IMG_5720 (1)

More homeschool updates to come…

2 thoughts on “Homeschooling

  1. This post is truly so incredible thank you for writing this. I to homeschool my children and I found this very informative and it gave me some ideas actually! (I.e. I need to get a huge whiteboard to do their maths instead of ordinary paper!). I truly can’t wait to read more updates and it is so amazing to come across another person who is pro homeschooling! I love it.

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