Micah’s Preschool

Micah started preschool on the Wednesday after we returned from our trip.  He had an excellent first day!!  He seemed to really enjoy it, although he tells me he doesn’t have a good memory and doesn’t remember anything about it.  He requested oatmeal, eggs and yogurt for his breakfast on his very special day (surprise, surprise).

IMG_5524 IMG_5527 IMG_5532

Here are some pictures his teacher, Ms. Mary Beth took on his first day: IMG_1318 IMG_1320 IMG_1336 IMG_1360.PNG

Here are some pictures from the rest of the month at preschool.  He absolutely LOVED the petting zoo day – especially seeing a kangaroo in a diaper. =D

IMG_5566 IMG_1368 IMG_1373 IMG_1380 IMG_1381IMG_1386 IMG_1440 IMG_1453 IMG_1458 IMG_1514 IMG_1520

Picture day at school:

IMG_5734IMG_1562.PNG IMG_5739IMG_1573 IMG_1635  IMG_8450

You can probably tell which letter he was working on at school based on those pictures – C is for cupcake, D is for daisy and dog… SO adorable.  And this is why E is missing art projects…he would like to make some crowns of his own! =P

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