Special Weekend!

So last weekend we did something really special.  I took Ethan to Wisconsin/Illinois and Daddio spent the weekend with Micah.  Aunt Jennie and Uncle Jason asked (read begged) to watch E for the weekend while I went to the Women of Faith conference with my best friend, Cass.

IMG_5744 IMG_5746 IMG_5747 IMG_5749

E and I stayed with Grandpa and Grandma for the first night of our visit.  E spent time feeding the birds with Grandpa and then we headed to Aunt Lauren and Uncle Gerrit’s new house in Racine.  Ivan was SO excited to see us, which was really cool for the two of us.  He’s absolutely adorable and such a good kid!  Grandma and I had lunch with Lauren and Ivan while Grandpa brought E down to Chicago with Jen and Jason.

IMG_5751 IMG_5752 IMG_5753 IMG_5755 IMG_5756 IMG_5759 IMG_5762

That afternoon, Cass and I went to the conference.  We went with one of her friends from church and that friend’s friend.  Jen Hatmaker was speaking at it and Cass and I are huge fans of Jen Hatmaker and credit her (and the Holy Spirit) for a lot of big changes in our hearts and lives.  We had a wonderful time together!!  It was a really special experience for us.  And I got to see two of my favorite little girls when we got back.

IMG_5766 IMG_5767 IMG_5784IMG_5769 IMG_5770 IMG_5777 IMG_5779 IMG_5780 IMG_5781 IMG_5782  <– Sandi Patty (our family had a tape of hers growing up!)


Ethan had an incredible time with his aunt and uncle!  He especially loved going to the Field museum and seeing Sue, the t-rex.  He also loved seeing the “building that used to be the tallest in the world.”  Honestly, just getting special one on one time with his auntie and uncle was a dream for him.  He even made up a song about wanting to move to Wisconsin after this visit.

IMG_5771 IMG_5772 IMG_5773 IMG_5774

Sunday afternoon we had lunch all together at my parents’ house.  Uncle Brad, Uncle Lee, Aunt Brenda and Great Grandpa were all in attendance!!  That was an extra special added bonus!

Jen, Jason, Ethan Jennie-1 Ethan, Grandma Grandma, popcorn IMG_5788IMG_5789IMG_5790IMG_5791

Thanks, everyone, for hosting us and arranging all of the details to make our first trip away so fun!

Meanwhile at home, Micah and Daddio had a blast!  Unfortunately the weather was pretty crumby, but Daddio was clever and made the best of it.  They went “camping” inside, took a long walk to a fun restaurant and went to “Catch Air” for an afternoon of indoor fun.  Micah had a wonderful time!!

IMG_8249 IMG_8253 IMG_8254 IMG_8257 IMG_8259 IMG_8262 IMG_8278 IMG_8286 IMG_8314 IMG_8326 IMG_8334 IMG_8373

Ethan gave a presentation at Classical Conversations about his weekend in Chicago:

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