Homeschool and Preschool

Here are some more pictures of Ethan during homeschool and classical conversations:

Ethan giving his speech (every week he gives a presentation at CC) on his favorite books, The Magic Tree House series.  He has read all 28 books that he got from Grandma Cleve (who still had them from when Aunt Ashley was little) already.  There are more out there, so we’re finding them from the library and also trying to expand our horizons by reading other books, too. =)


I ask E to write down all of the subjects we need to cover each day on our board and to rank them in the order he wants to do them.  Don’t fret, we’re still working on spelling.  Right now I’m just glad he’ll sound it out and not refuse to write it without knowing the spelling…he’s a bit of a perfectionist so he prefers to only write words he knows how to spell.

IMG_5903 IMG_5904 IMG_5962 IMG_5969 <– I found this in his room after rest time and it made me smile =)

IMG_5990 <– E has requested to learn how to write/read cursive because he “wants to be able to read the Declaration of Independence”.  So, we’re starting to do cursive writing now and he is loving it.IMG_5991 <– E is busy putting all 35 timeline cards in order.  We’ve finished 5 weeks thus far and are up to “Persia falls to Alexander the Great”.

Micah loves to get in on our homeschooling sometimes, too.  But, honestly, I think he’s pretty proud of the fact that he is going to “real” school right now.  Here we are making our own board games.  E and I worked together to make a game that would help us test our memory work for CC.

IMG_5992 IMG_5993 IMG_5994

And here are some of Micah at preschool (and getting ready to be dropped off):

IMG_1696 IMG_5965 IMG_5968 IMG_5967 Firefighter day!  Micah was VERY excited about this!


IMG_5989 <– Micah wanted to wear all camouflage to school on Monday.  He thought that maybe no one would even be able to see him at school all day…. =)

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