I’m sorry….  It looks like you will be getting weekly updates on homeschooling.  These may not be the most interesting/exciting of posts, but this is a big part of our life right now.  I’ll try to post MOST of the time when in a good mood and when things are going smoothly…I want to be genuine about our experiences, but nobody likes to read complaints all the time.  I will be honest, however, to say that about once a day I have a *usually* brief conversation about having a positive attitude/”doing everything without complaining or arguing” (cue Mom singing a song from my youth)/not everything will be easy at homeschool/it’s important to do hard things.  MOST of the time, though, we have wonderful days and feel like we were created for this!  Super cool.

IMG_6070 <– reading books while we wait for the library to open.  We got to the library every other week or so. IMG_6072  <– playing our Memory Master game, which is very similar to Parcheesi, but we need to answer a CC question in order to move to a new space.

IMG_6074 <– skyping with Aunt Lauren and Ivan!  We also skipped with Uncle Jason recently, but I guess I didn’t take a picture.  Grandpa and Grandma also get regular calls since they are often home at lunchtime like us.

IMG_6076 <– if Micah is home with us while we are doing school work, he likes to spend time “reading”IMG_6078 <– sometimes we do homeschool work while I make dinner.  Most days we finish everything by 1, but some days are crazy… IMG_6081  <– E loves to play “Guess Who?” with our Presidents placemats.  It’s hard to come up with questions to ask…”is your guy smiling??”

IMG_6132 <– E working on solving a puzzle from Grandma Cleve – which state capitals have the same first letter as the state they are in?  He came up with four!

E and I made home-made bookmarks this week.  We’re so crafty, huh?  Found this idea in a “fall crafts” book from the library.  E and I both made one.  And Micah is working on his today.

IMG_6134 IMG_6136 IMG_6137 IMG_6138

Here are some pictures from our days at Classical Conversations and a video of his presentation:


Here they are playing a review game and answering questions if Miss Jeannine calls on the corner they were standing in…the kids LOVED this game!IMG_6147 (1)IMG_6148 (1)IMG_6149 (1)

More homeschool pictures from this week…

IMG_6156 IMG_6158 IMG_6159

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