This post is not all-inclusive by any means at all…but I just wanted to mention how many truly wonderful people we have met since living here in Georgia.  (Also, wow, we have almost been here 3 years!)

The boys and I are *trying* to have a dinner playdate with our friends every week – a huge treat for me and the kiddos love it, too!  I rarely take pictures when we are together, but I snapped one of the boys eating dinner this past week.


Our neighbors are wonderful friends.  The boys get along incredibly well with the girls and play with them almost daily outside.  We really enjoy their parents, too, which is an added bonus!  The other weekend they invited us over to have some Indian food, which his Mom made for all of us.  We LOVED this food – especially Micah.  His Mom was so impressed by Micah’s speed and enjoyment of the food.  I think she would have cooked another entire meal for him if she could have!  It was pretty sweet.

IMG_6151 IMG_6152 IMG_6155 IMG_8606 IMG_8607 IMG_8605 IMG_8609

Mikey had the opportunity to golf at what I’m told is a very prestigious course with two of his good friends.  He was so excited about it and had great company.

IMG_8582 IMG_8585

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