Charlotte, North Carolina

As I mentioned previously, last Friday we took a road trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit Aunt Ashley and Uncle Zach who were there on a vacation.  It was an opportunity we didn’t want to pass up, especially since it gave Grandpa Russ a chance to see them, too.  We had a great drive; we spent most of it listening to books on tape (finished another Magic Tree House book and started Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).  Micah spent most of it sleeping. =)

IMG_6181 IMG_6183

We met Ace and Zach at our hotel and then went to out to dinner.  We stayed in a suite all together, which was perfect to allow our boys to get a good night of sleep while the rest of us could talk.

IMG_6186 IMG_6187 IMG_6190 IMG_6192 IMG_6194 IMG_6197

We spent the next morning at a really cool park in Charlotte that Ashley and Zach had found the day before for us.  It was awesome!  We had a great time playing there before heading back home in the car.

IMG_6200 IMG_6202 IMG_8619 IMG_8620 IMG_8628 IMG_8630 IMG_8649IMG_8633 IMG_8634 IMG_8636 IMG_8644 IMG_8646

IMG_8658 IMG_8669

It was short, but super sweet! =)  So glad we were able to make it happen!

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