School at Home

Many of these blogs could be titled “Homeschool”…but, as you can see, I’ve switched things up a bit on this one! =D

First things first: we’ve reached another milestone!  Ethan got his very own library card.  He was SO proud of this and likes to say, “Mom, you don’t need to bring your wallet.  I can take care of this.”

IMG_6176 IMG_6177 IMG_6178

IMG_6223 IMG_6224 IMG_6225

We got Ethan his very own copy of the Declaration of Independence.  My Dad had given him a book about all of the signers of it, so he’s been writing each of their names down in his notebook and trying to find them on the document.  He loves that it’s written on parchment paper.


CC this week was pajama day!  Such a fun little treat for my guys.  They also started using their tin whistles for the first time…yikes!


We have officially finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so we started watching the newer version of it on Netflix.  We hope to finish it tonight.  Please ignore sweet Ethan’s white thighs. =)


Doing some review games with math and some extra tricky problems, too. IMG_6256 IMG_6257 IMG_6258

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