Autrey Mill Homeschool Program

We discovered Autrey Mill way back when we first moved to Georgia and have loved it ever since.  We’ve taken many people there, so you’ve no doubt seen pictures of us playing in the creek, going for little hikes there, and feeding their ducks and bunnies.  A few weeks ago we were finally able to take advantage of the Autrey Mill Homeschool Program that they offer twice a month at a reasonable cost.

We had no idea what to expect and I was planning on staying with Ethan and doing the program with him, but when we arrived we realized that it was a drop and go type program.  It made E nervous for about a minute and then he was totally fine.  And I experienced my very first (I think?) morning with both children in “school”.  It was lovely.  That’s an understatement.  It was delightful and we will definitely be taking advantage of it more next semester.  So if you see that on our Christmas list…consider it a gift to both Ethan and me! =)  Ethan had a blast!  I snapped  couple of pictures while I was there and of Micah while we waited to pick E up afterwards.

What did I do with my hours of free time?  I knew you would ask… I went second-hand shopping at my two favorite stores: Uptown Cheapskate and Kid to Kid.  And I purchased all of us rain boots…because it rains a lot in this state, people. =)  I dislike “selfies” very much, but I snapped this shot of me in the dressing room to show Mikey what I was up to…and, oops, I forgot to smile.  Pretty sure that was the only second of that day that I was not grinning. =D


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