Other Updates

The boys and I decorated the house for fall. =)


Micah was badly burned a few weeks ago and within a week, the marks were already almost gone.  In fact, I should take a picture of it now…it looks incredible.  We are so thankful that it healed quickly.  Here he is about halfway through the healing process:


Micah earned a sticker for every day he went to school for the month of September, so I rewarded him with some stickers.  He was SO excited about this.  And Ethan was feeling a little left out, so we decided to buy a sticker board for us to track how our homeschooling days go.  The main thing we are working on is not complaining…if he does that, he gets a sticker.  =)

They also still enjoy playing with play dough:

We took out our homemade games, “Ethan’s World” and “Micah’s Mountain” again last week.  I made these games for the boys back in January of 2013, right before we moved here.  Compare:

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