Our Church

There is a lot that we enjoy about our church, but I wanted to highlight this part today: Micah’s class!  Micah is taught by Ms. Mary Alyce and Mr. Charles (the same teachers that taught Ethan when we first moved here…the ones that sent him a postcard after our first time there which made us want to go back again) and he has a blast in his class.  This is also the class that our family volunteers about once a month.  Here are some pictures from his class:

Also, Micah has discovered that Mr. Charles looks like President Millard Fillmore. =D  Anyway, they are such a blessing and it’s wonderful to have kiddos looking forward to church!

Side note: I am LOVING helping to teach the 2nd-5th graders in our Sunday School.  They are some really sweet kiddos and it’s been a lot of fun.

Side note #2: I painted the “I love you” canvas featured below at a recent girls night out with some of my friends from church.  It seemed like that fit with this post…church-related anyway! =)


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