Catching Up

Sometimes my boys run into the kitchen to show me their lego creations and request that I take a picture of them.

Most days we spend time outside.  Ethan is LOVING riding his bike and is getting very daring.  Didn’t he just learn how to ride??  And Micah is learning to go faster and faster on his scooter!  He spends his time either scooting or playing football.


Micah has been doing great in preschool and seems to really love going!  He’s been earning stickers each day, which is a big motivator for him.  In fact, he earned a sticker every day for the month of October and so we bought him new cool stickers for home.  He brought it to school to show his teachers – he was SO proud of those stickers. =)

Micah loves to do “science experiments” at home.  This involves filling a container with water and putting all of his “treasures” into it.  Sometimes he even wears “safety glasses”.

Ethan had his final game of soccer.  And Mike and I (okay, mostly Mike) were the coaches for the final game.  We had a good time.  And we played against a good team and only lost by one point…Mike was sad that his coaching career began with a loss. =D  But to be fair, we gave that team a different one of our players each quarter of the game since they didn’t have enough to fill a team…and one of our guys scored on us. =)


Here are some more pics from church.  Don’t these boys look handsome?? I found these sweaters at Kid to Kid.  Yes!

Mikey is an awesome Daddio.  I’m really proud of this guy and he makes me laugh almost daily.  Neither of these pictures are the best quality, but they show what life around here is like and that makes me smile.

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