Advent: Day 4 and 5

…we now return you to your regularly scheduled program: “Cleve Crew Advent Activities”

Day 4: watch a Christmas movie by the tree

I don’t have any pictures of this activity, but we watched “Home Alone”.  I remember hating this movie as a kid, but Mikey always loved it.  I would recommend waiting until…um…never…to watch that movie again.  I still hate it.  LOL.  But Mike and the boys enjoyed it well enough, despite Mike muting about half of the movie.  And I made it my mission for the evening to discuss what children should really do in each situation.  =D  (“you should never try to handle emergencies by yourselves.”  “the number to dial is 9-1-1.”)

Day 5: send a gift to a missionary family

We did some Christmas crafts for the package – lots of fun!  And we made little snowman ornaments for each person in our family, too.

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