Micah is 4!

December 3rd was Micah’s 4th birthday and he was SO excited to be turning four.  Ethan and I visited Micah at school the day before his birthday, since he wasn’t there on his actual birthday.  We were able to bring in ice cream sandwiches and two books to read.  Micah was beaming the whole time we were there; he was visibly so proud to have us in his classroom.  It was such a nice treat for all of us.

We took (okay, forced) some pictures of Micah and Mommy on his last night as a 3 year old.  I always *try* to get pictures the night before their birthdays.  The jammies he is wearing were a gift from our dear friends – he loved them and wanted them on as soon as we were home from their house.

The next morning I found Ethan helping his brother get dressed for the day.  These pictures don’t even show how adorable this scene was…but I want to remember what it was like walking into their room and finding them like this.  So sweet.

I made scones for Micah’s breakfast, as per his request, and we all sang happy birthday to him.  He LOVED all of the special attention and was very sweet and thankful for it.

We went to BSF that morning and then headed out to Burger 21 – Micah’s choice – for lunch.

That evening after Daddio got home he took us to Get Air, a big trampoline park.  We had a blast – especially playing dodgeball!

When we got home – yes, it was late – I made my very first Belgian waffles!!  I was really happy with how they turned out and everyone seemed to love them.  I also made homemade whipped cream.

Micah received lots of cards, phone calls, videos, voicemails, and presents and was thrilled by each one.  Thanks for making him feel so special.  Below are some pictures of Micah with various gifts:

This boy is kind and gentle-hearted.  He loves to snuggle, give kisses and/or hugs, and be held.  He also loves to pretend to be various animals, most often squirrels or guinea pigs or bunnies.  He’s a joy and we’re so glad he’s ours.

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