Before I continue with our regularly scheduled program of “Cleve Crew Advent Activities”, I wanted to play a little catch up on various pictures over the past couple of weeks.

Ethan dissected owl pellets at CC a couple weeks ago.  He seemed to enjoy it pretty well, although he seemed just fine observing from the outside more than picking around with tweezers.

Here are some life-as-a-homeschooled-6-year-old pictures.  School has been going very well for the most part.  I’ve recently been encouraged by some CC friends that I can probably loosen up a bit and add some more fun into our routines. =D  (Read: time for some field trips and more art projects) It’s hard to balance homeschool life, but overall we’re feeling good about it.

We celebrated our dear friend’s birthday (the day before Micah’s) at his house last week.  Such a blessing.

And here are some other random cute pictures I ran across on my phone.  E and A measuring to see who is taller.  A still wins!  And Micah moved into his big boy carseat on his birthday – pretty big deal!


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