Advent: Days 8-11

Each of these Advent Activities have very few pictures to include, so I’ve decided to combine them into one big post.

Advent Activity Day 8: Sing at a nursing home

The boys and I joined a small group of people from our church on Tuesday evening to sing some songs at a local nursing home.  I always remember singing at nursing homes with my Sunday School growing up with fond memories.  It’s something that’s important to me and it seems like the residents really enjoyed themselves, too.  Ethan was in charge of giving out hugs to people if they wanted one (we asked his permission, of course!  I don’t make him hug anyone without his permission) and many people asked him for one throughout the evening.  He also learned a special handshake from one of the residents there.  That same gentleman brought a dollar bill to each of the boys at the beginning of the evening and they thought that was so incredible!  He was stationed in Hawaii with the navy for a while and played baseball (or softball??) with them and bragged that they beat the army. =)  Many of the others gave their candy canes to the boys.

I didn’t take any pictures while we were inside, but you can find some on Facebook, I think.  Here they are before going in to sing:

Advent Activity Day 9: write notes of appreciation for teachers

This one is self-explanatory. =)  It’s important to appreciate people.


Advent Activity Day 10: have a dance party to Christmas music

We danced outside on our deck (because the weather is warm and beautiful right now) to Christmas music.  We’re not big dancers in our family, so it started to look like wrestling awfully quickly. =/  This is before the dancing/wrestling began.  As you can see, we made sure to have plenty of water!  Every minute or so they were taking breaks to hydrate. =D


Advent Activity Day 11: Watch home videos from 2015 and eat popcorn

This is a really fun way to recap what we’ve done over the past year and to thank God for our many blessings.  It’s been a really fun year for us!

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