In Other News…

Ethan has officially earned his camo belt at Pro Martial Arts.  He earned it by making martial arts a good habit.  He will need to be tested in order to earn all future belts.  I’m honestly not sure if he will even want to test out of his camo belt, though, because he REALLY loves it. =)

Classical Conversations concluded last week until January and we had a fun Christmas party.  We were supposed to dress in our tackiest Christmas clothes…which we didn’t have…so we wore red and green. =)  The rest of the class did such a great job getting in the holiday spirit – especially our tutor and her daughter!!  What fun!  Side note, we are still doing homeschool this week, but we’ll take a couple weeks off for Christmas after this.

The boys LOVE wearing all things camouflage!  Big thanks to Grandma Cleve for the camo pants.  And, woot woot, extra bonus: camo shirts/sweatshirts were found at Kid to Kid. =)  The boys love to play “war” these days…and so they wear their army clothes, often along with their knight helmets and superhero capes. =)

P.S.  Ethan is doing “the people’s eyebrow” at me at lunch.  Hilarious.  Jen and Jason – that’s from you! =)


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