In honor of Micah’s 4th birthday, we did a little measurement check on the boys.  Unfortunately, Micah was not interested in getting weighed, so I don’t have that number recorded. =/

Ethan: roughly 4 feet 2 inches (a solid inch growth since May) and 56.2 lbs

Micah: 3 ft, 5 inches

We measure Micah in a very unorthodox fashion.  He gets measured standing next to Ethan’s board and then we translate that over to his board (which he accidentally broke a while back and is no longer hanging on the wall).  I like him to lie next to it on the ground…but that doesn’t actually show his height very accurately, obviously. =/

Note of comparison: Ethan was 3 feet, 7 inches when he turned 4.  So he was a good 2 inches taller than Micah.  I imagine he was heavier, too, but I have no proof. =D

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