Advent Activities

Well, Christmas has come and gone already, but I’ve got updates to make on our Advent Activities.  Unfortunately, I was sick for a good portion of the last week before Christmas, so our activities were not very exciting.

Day 15: make Christmas cookies for our neighbors

Day 16: do a Christmas craft

Day 17: I was absolutely down for the count on this day.  We basically just watched shows all day.  The boys are drinking warm water, apple cider vinegar and lemon to try to not catch what I had.


Day 18: find toys/clothes to donate to others in need – sorry!  No pictures! =/  Micah had his Christmas party at school that day, so Ethan and I had a Christmas party at home, too.  It didn’t involve a whole lot (reminder: I was sick still), but I did make Ethan some hot chocolate while we listened to Christmas tunes and made snowflakes for our windows.  We also spent some time reading on the couch together.

Day 19: watch Christmas movie (The Grinch – too scary for us at this stage – oops! but it was still fun) and eat Christmas cookies


Day 20: drink hot chocolate (we were supposed to be reading the Christmas story in its entirety, but I was pretty under the weather so we watched the Packers game instead – please note that they only used green and yellow chocolate in their cups)

Day 21 and 22: No idea =(  I don’t have any pictures from this day besides this and I definitely don’t have anything written on the back of that paper… #momfail I guess??


Day 23: go for a drive to see Christmas lights! (We also opened our presents to the boys this evening…pics later)

Day 24: Christmas Eve service at church (Micah caught my cold and was a mess at this point…)

I absolutely LOVE this season.  Next year I pray that our whole family is healthy so that we can celebrate better!

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