On Christmas Day, the Cleve Crew flew to Michigan.  We left very early that morning and had a layover in Baltimore.  The boys were fantastic on the flight, as usual, and even spent some of it sleeping!  Micah was still feeling pretty sick this day, so that’s why he looks so miserable.

We made it to Grand Rapids in time for Christmas “dinner” (lunch) and all of the celebrations thereafter.  In all we numbered over 30 people – all on my Mom’s side.  It was awesome!  We stayed at my Grandpa’s house until Monday morning, when we drove (in the snow!) back to Wisconsin.  These are pictures Mike and I took from the Michigan part of our trip:

Mikey and I went out for a quadruple??? date with some cousins, aunts and uncles, my bro and his wife to see the Star Wars movie.  That was lots of fun!  Thanks to Dad and Mom for hanging back with all three of the boys!!  Mike bought a massive container of popcorn to share with everyone and it made me laugh!


And these are the much better quality pics from my Dad from our time in Michigan:

We all LOVED our time in Michigan.  It’s always a very special time for us.  Having family that are all friends is a very sweet blessing.

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