On the Monday after Christmas, we made the drive (thanks to my bro and Lauren who allowed us to borrow their car for the trip!!) from Michigan to Wisconsin.  Unfortunately that was the day of the snowy/icy storm, so the driving was a little slow.  We stopped in Chicago at Jen and Jason’s house and celebrated Lauren’s birthday.

Then we stopped again at my dear friend, Calen’s house.  Cay and I have been friends since childhood, so it’s always a sweet blessing to get together with her and her family.

We stayed at my parents’ house until New Years Day and had a great time.  Jen and Jason and Ger, Lauren and Ivan all stayed with them for that whole time, too.  It was so much fun being with family!

Celebrating Christmas there:

The boys loved playing in the snow, even though it was incredibly hard/ice-like.

Great food was plentiful!  For our “Christmas dinner” we made Shepherd’s Pie and Sweet Caveman Pie.  We got the Shepherd’s Pie recipe from Mike’s mom; a cool (and tasty!!) way to include his childhood in with mine.

Adorable pictures from around the house:

We also went to Gerrit and Lauren’s new home for a great meal and fun hang-out time.  My aunt and uncle joined us there!  The boys loved playing outside with Uncle Jason in the snow.  More adorable photos:

Pictures tell the story: we had a great time and love being around these people!! =D

And at the airport on the way home:


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