Wisconsin, Pt 2

One of the other major highlights of our time back in Wisconsin is the time we get to spend with this sweet family.  We try to snap a lot of pictures while we are together because it only happens a couple times a year!!  Thus, an entire post is necessary. =)

Cass and the girls came to my parent’s house to spend some time with us. The kiddos got along wonderfully, as usual, and seemed to pick up where they had left off.  Indoors, they enjoyed some games of hide and seek, Jenga, and snacking a bit.

Please note: we don’t pose our kiddos, other than to ask them to smile or make a silly face.  They are just cute friends and it makes my heart glad to see such sweet expressions of genuine care.  Also, side note, Cass is not featured in these pics because she was the one taking most of them.  We tend to take turns with which of us is snapping shots and that day happened to be her “turn”. =)

They also enjoyed some fun outside in the snow together.

Necessary side note: the yellow coat I am modeling is my coat from high school…please see the comparison! =D

That evening we went out for our annual double date with Cass and Adam. We laughed so hard I was literally sore the next day.  We’ve been double dating with these guys since college.  Such a blast.

Speaking of blast…here’s a blast from the past 10+ years of double dating with these two:

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