A New Year


I absolutely LOVE starting a new year.  I love to be intentional about goals and picking a new Bible verse to live by…but this year things have just not started out as organized as I would like.  We’re still in the month of January, though, so I am hoping to get some of these goals and verses in place sometime soon.  There are a lot of changes on our horizon, but we’ll talk about that more when some of the finer details are in place.  Suffice it say, this is going to be an exciting year for us.

We had our first visitors of the new year – my parents!  They were driving down to their condo in Florida and made a stop off at our place for a couple nights.  We had just seen them for Christmas, but it sure was nice to see them here!  Micah helped make dinner that evening and loved trying the lime.  His facial expressions are incredible.

We also started back to homeschooling this week.  It was great to have a break, but we were happy to get going again.  We love to incorporate games with our memory work for Classical Conversations – our first day it was Qwirkle.  We had Micah with us for one of the days.  He said he was sick.  I can’t say for sure…but it seems like a boy who is sick would not be asking to eat food every five minutes.  Anyway, he hung out with us while we did our schooling.

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