Children’s Museum

The boys and I went to the Atlanta Children’s Museum last week.  We were thinking that it wouldn’t be very busy because most kids would be back in school…as it turns out, it was the last day before kids went back to school, so it was very busy.  We still had a great time; no complaints!  They had recently redone the museum and this was our first time back since the renovations.  There were much-loved parts still there and they had added some new exhibits.


Climbing!  Micah was not interested in this exhibit at first, but after seeing his brother go to the top a couple times he wanted to try it.  He made it to the very top with the help of his sweet bro.

Kinetic Sand!  This was a really neat exhibit.  They had two different sand boxes.  One was just normal.  The other had a special light to make it look like water in the sand…similar to a topographic map.  I’m not sure how to explain it well in writing, but it was very cool.

We had fun playing with the train tracks:

The boys especially loved playing with the plastic balls construction site.  We probably spent the most time in this section.

My favorite part (a new part of the museum) was building robots.  It was neat to watch the boys try different combinations to get their robots to do various things.


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