A New Season

Well, the month of January has been crazy and I see that I have not updated our website with our BIG news!  I warned you that things were changing and that this was going to be a big year for us in an earlier post.  It’s official now and fast-approaching: the Cleve Crew is packing up and moving to Denver!  As you can probably imagine, this is incredibly bittersweet and it’s taking time to process all of our emotions.  We’ve come up with a phrase to explain our feelings: sad-glad!  One moment I am in tears over leaving our home and our friends, but the next I am grinning from ear to ear thinking about our new life in Denver – the people, the mountains, the weather, the lack of bugs. =D

Our time in Georgia has been short, but incredibly sweet.  We’ve lived here for 3 wonderful years and have grown a lot as individuals and as a family.  This was our very first family picture when we got off the plane in Atlanta in January 2013:


And a few other throwback pictures from that time in our life:

So, here are the quick details:

Mike is going to continue working for BIAS, but do so remotely from Denver.  We are moving in 4-5 days (yep, you read that correctly) into a beautiful home in the Denver Tech Center.  We will be doing the move ourselves: driving across the country in our 4Runner, shipping my car, and using ReloCubes.  We should arrive in Denver just in time to start the month of February there!  Eek!

Between now and then we are soaking up time with friends and enjoying Atlanta.  We’re doing a different moving-related activity every day as a countdown.  I’ll post about those activities another time, but here’s the picture of our countdown:


Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement!  More to come…

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