Moving Activities

8 Days until Moving Day – last haircuts in Georgia!  Ms. Jin is awesome!  She’s always so kind and generous and has been cutting my hair almost since the month we arrived.

7 Days – last day at BSF in Norcross (we are already signed up for BSF in Denver on Wednesday mornings!) and goodbye to G and A (friends from Ethan’s last year’s preschool class) at GetAir

6 Days – last movie night in Georgia!  We had hot chocolate and watched Hercules.

5 Days – Saturday – we didn’t do anything specific for a moving activity this day.  Mike and I worked hard to pack and organize and the boys had a playdate over at our friends/neighbors’ house.  So I guess we could have called it, “last play date at R and A’s house” but we just didn’t even take down a number card this day.  We also re-visited our leaving day plan and arranged that we might leave on Thursday OR we might leave on Friday – depending on how much gets done this week.

Less than a week until moving day!  Eek.

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