Moving activities

So because our moving timeframe changed a bit in the end (more on that later), I wanted to just indicate the dates for each of our moving activities (rather than calling it “5 days until moving day”).  

 Here are the next couple of days leading up to our big move:

January 24 – last day at Bridgeway!  I am so touched by the sweetness of our church family.  Ethan’s class wrote him goodbye notes and so did one of my kiddos from class!  Micah’s teachers, in particular, went above and beyond.  They, you might remember, were a big reason we went back to bridgeway after our first Sunday (having mailed a sweet note to Ethan after his first class with them), so it comes as no surprise that they gave us incredible closure as well. They planned in advance how to celebrate Micah’s last day with them – chocolate chip pancakes, “snowball” fights, etc.  They also had the kids decorate cards for him and made sure to snap extra pictures for us. SO humbled by their kindness.  We will miss them a bunch!!!

 January 25 – ReloCubes arrive, last trips to kid to kid, Luv-a-bowl and to the library (to pick up audiobooks for the drive), and Ethan’s last martial arts class.


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