More moving activities

Tuesday, January 26 – Mike had his last day at the BIAS office (although he will be traveling back every six weeks or so), we had our last day of CC in Georgia, my car was picked up in order to be shipped to Denver, we picked up cupcakes from our fav spot (“special kneads”) and we had a goodbye party with our dear friends. This day was hard, particularly for me, as goodbyes (even if they are “see you laters”) are just tough….

These friends were particularly wonderful. The boys enjoyed them greatly and their mamas were such encouragers to me!

“Special kneads” employs people with special needs and I absolutely love it! What a beautiful mission. And their cupcakes are incredible. Visit “special kneads” in lawrenceville. You won’t be sorry! 🙂 

 These are some of the people we will miss the most. I can’t articulate just what a sweet blessing this family has been to me. The Lord orchestrated things perfectly for these friendships to bloom the way they did. Can’t begin to state how blessed we are to know them! 

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