Let me be very clear, we are Packers fans.  However, we are also Peyton Manning fans and fans of the city of Denver.  SO, for the Super Bowl this year, we were pulling for the Broncos.  My sweet husband took the boys out to get some Broncos gear while I was at the IF: Gathering (Jen Hatmaker spoke! Woot!) and when I saw the boys in their gear, I didn’t recognize them.  Mike may have said something like, “We are in Denver, Jess, it’s okay for them to like the Broncos, too.”  And I may have replied with something along the lines of, “We are their parents and we can brainwash them as needed.” ;D  Anyway, we really enjoyed being in the city of the Super Bowl winning team!

On Saturday, the boys went with Mike and some of our friends downtown in their gear to get pumped up about the game.

On Sunday, we enjoyed the game at another friend’s house with lots of friends.  The boys had an awesome time running around, wrestling, eating food and watching the game.

Then on Tuesday, we joined a million people at the big parade!  That was very exciting and definitely a milestone. =)

Next year…GO PACKERS!

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