Classical Conversations

I have lots of updates to give regarding life in Denver and am having a difficult time knowing how to categorize them.  Hang with me.

We started our Classical Conversations class in Denver on Thursday (we arrived Wednesday night, so it was a quick turn-around).  We are attending the same CC as my Auntie and two of her sons.  What a blessing!  Everyone was very warm in welcoming us and it was such a treat to see E sitting in assembly with his big cousins.  Micah is in nursery with about 3 other children and has been having a great time.  Ethan is in a class with a little bit older crowd – I think the oldest is about 8.5 years old.  He’s handling it like a champ, even though they have all been doing this a lot longer than him!  We like his tutor a lot and he has 5 other kiddos in his class, all very nice and welcoming.

Here are some pics/video from our first day:

Later that week we went to one of our CC activities: Dart Wars!  Micah wasn’t old enough to participate, which suited him just fine.  Ethan had a great time!  We will definitely go back again sometime.

And then last week we started learning about Michelangelo.  The kiddos tried their hand at painting upside down.  Awesome!

The boys also enjoyed exchanging valentines and playing outside on a big snow hill…please note that my cousin is wearing shorts!  It was warm!  So cool!

So far, so good!  We’re getting adjusted to our new life, little by little. =)

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