How we are spending our time…

Okay, I give up on trying to have my posts have neat little titles and themes.  It’s just not going to happen. *sigh*

We are living with some of our friends while our house is finished.  It’s so generous of them to allow us to invade their space.  We’ve been having a great time!!  I’ve been very impressed with how well the boys have done with these huge adjustments and not having any of their toys.  We’ll be ready to move into our house this weekend, but in the meantime we’ve been finding plenty to do and are enjoying life!

Here are some pics of us with our sweet little friend, “P”, who is 2 years old:

The boys have been outside playing a lot.  They enjoyed fun in the snow for the first couple of days, but then it got very warm (think 70 degrees warm), so most of the snow melted.

Daddio took them sledding on “our hill” which is just a couple blocks away from our new house!  They both LOVED it.  Listen for Micah’s “yeah baby!” on his video. Hilarious.  (I was at the IF: gathering with ladies from our new/old church, so Mikey took care of the boys that first weekend in Denver)

I also took them to our park in the snow and then to go sledding at the hill a couple days later:

We are also plugging away with homeschooling-on-the-road. =)  Micah is not going to preschool anymore, so he’s been joining us.  He loves doing worksheets!  Ethan worked on a special project this week: make an eye-spy worksheet for Micah.

We went to our new/old church for the first time and LOVED it all over again.  Phew!  =)  Unfortunately, Micah had an ear infection, so his first week there was pretty rough.  We were in better spirits the next week. =)


More updates to come…

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