Extended Family News!!

My big brother and his wonderful wife had their second boy last month.  He’s darling and I am incredibly anxious to meet him.  He was born on January 28 and his name is Abraham David.  He makes me smile just looking at him…enjoy:


Happy 1 month birthday, Big Boy!!


We have some more exciting news from our extended family!  Ashley and Zach are moving to Denver, Colorado!  Zach got a new job out here and will be moving in to an apartment about 20 minutes away NEXT WEEKEND!  Ace still needs to finish up school, so she’ll be moving our direction in May…after graduation!  Unreal.  We asked the boys where they thought Ace and Zach were going to move…Micah’s response was, “Madagascar? (no…) Wisconsin? (no…but good guess) Here?? (yep! close to us in Denver)”  And then he did his excited “woot!!” which he learned from me. =D  We’re excited to help you make this your new home, too!


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