Homeschool Life

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks of homeschooling.  Micah is working on his letters and really loves making M’s and drawing pictures of people.  It’s fun to see him all of a sudden really start catching on to things.  I’ve been trying to homeschool both boys since we moved to Colorado and it’s been an interesting, but good transition.  I love the extra flexibility, but it is tough to juggle both of their needs/wants.  Overall it’s going well.

Speaking of flexibility, sometimes we just go do school in the park up the street.  The boys got a kick out of doing homeschool in a tree (although it didn’t work out very well on a practical level).  In Classical Conversations they talk about being able to teach everything with a stick in the sand, so we did our best to do that last week:

Please note: no one was injured during the making of this video!

Here is a video of Micah learning about comparison (he LOVED doing these cards):

This is Ethan’s face when he gets a new book to read:

Sometimes homeschool means going for 2+ mile walks to get lunch, singing our memory work along the way.  Also, free ice cream…that’s exciting stuff for us!

And sometimes we watch movies of the books we just finished…like “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh”.  The book was WAY better than the movie on this one…and WAY different.  Why does this keep happening??  We are about to finish “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” but I am not sure that we can handle that movie quite yet…unless there’s an older, less graphic version someplace out there.  I’ll have to check our library.


And sometimes we make cashew cookie bites or oatmeal balls and we get to call that school, too!  Fun!

Sometimes we even go on field trips with other homeschoolers…to Dart Wars!

And rarely…very rarely…we even do science experiments at home.  This is not my forte, but my auntie gave me some new science experiment books, so I am TRYING to be better about this!  Today we tried to make crystals from sugar water.  To be determined if anything will grow…  We used coconut palm sugar in one glass and regular sugar in the other.


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