One of the biggest (and probably silliest) highlights of moving for me is the chance to make a new place into our home…it involves moving furniture around to different places in different rooms, putting up pictures, getting different furniture, and refurbishing the old!  I’ve spent a lot of time at Goodwill and other consignment shops…and Ikea.  =)  Here are a couple of the projects we’ve done since our move.

Painting bookshelf and dining room table to match our canvases:

Purchase barstools (Ikea) and chairs for dining room table (Goodwill  – incredible find for $4.50 each! – will get painted white eventually):

Our former couches of 8+ years were too big (and pretty beat up, too) for this home, so we didn’t even move them.  We purchased an L-shaped couch for the living room downstairs instead:

Sadly, two of our three dressers were badly damaged during our move…to the point of no return.  SO, Mike and I got our very first bed frame that has four storage drawers under the bed and that will work as our dresser.  We are loving it.  We bought Ethan a new dresser from Ikea and he helped to put it together.

Our final purchase was a chaise for the upstairs living room.  We really aren’t sure quite what to do with this space, but I have always wanted to have a bay window / prayer area / reading nook.  So, we got this chaise today and are really pleased with it.  The rest of the room is a mystery to me, but that suits us just fine! =) Also, it snowed today and that was beautiful.  You’ll see that I hung up my first things in the house…and they match wonderfully with our table. Woot! =D

Mike also took down part of our fence and I caught him on camera, so it gets to be posted on here, too. =)

Hopefully I’ll get some pictures of our rooms set up soon.  The school room is fairly organized, which has been super helpful, and we are officially ready to host guests.  We’re still a work in progress, but it is definitely starting to feel more like home.

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