Life at our Home

We love our new home, but it’s taken a while for it to really start feeling like home.  I think for me it didn’t happen until I started putting up our pictures.  So much has changed, but pictures help to make me feel a little more grounded.  I finally got most of them up this past weekend and it’s made a big difference to me. =)  There are still some changes coming as far as the pictures are concerned, but it’s pretty close.

Reminder/disclaimer: I use this blog as a sort of journal.  I realize these posts aren’t all that interesting or exciting. =D

This is easily the best spot in our house:

Ethan is learning about graphs in homeschool right now, so I had him make a graph of all of the books he has read since August (the beginning of our school year).  He wasn’t excited about this project at first, but when he saw that I have been keeping track of it on my handy-dandy excel spreadsheet, he was excited to see how much he has read thus far.

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