Pi Day!

The nerd in me absolutely LOVES to celebrate ridiculous holidays and make a whole big “thing” out of them.  Today, March 14, was Pi Day and we celebrated all day long.

During homeschool the boys made pies as an art project.  I read them books and poems about pies while they worked.  Micah also needed to draw a certain number of blueberries and raspberries in his pie for his homeschool worksheets.

Then we made some homemade pudding (which I thought was super gross, but all three of the boys loved it) to go in our graham cracker crust (in honor of Billy Graham, who was part of our timeline this week), bananas, pudding and homemade whipped cream PIE.  We didn’t eat the pie until after dinner, which was sweet caveman PIE.

Quote of the day: “E, we’re going to need 2 tablespoons of honey in that.”  “oh, you mean 1 fluid ounce?”  Um…hello, Classical Conversations!

While we were making the pudding, we also heated up some potpies I bought at the grocery store.  They thought that was pretty incredible.  Ethan used their new oven mitts (courtesy of Auntie Mel – thanks!!) to get them out of the oven.  By himself.  Milestone!  Whoa.  Who is this big kid anyway??

We are studying the orchestra in Classical Conversations right now, so I had the boys watch an orchestra perform the Star Wars theme while we were waiting for our food to be ready.

Micah gets our second quote of the day: “ooh, those french horns are my favorite…no, I like those better (pointing to the flute), they look like guns!!”  Awesome. =/

Happy Pi Day!


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