We had a great week of homeschool.  We are starting to get the hang of it.  Nothing fancy over here, but we’re enjoying learning and that’s important to us!  Some days E and I play Qwirkle and he is in charge of keeping the score (adding things like 182+13 and the like!).  Some days we even have to answer a memory work question from CC before we are allowed to play our tiles.


Micah spends a lot of time doing worksheets made by yours truly.  But we also do various games and flashcard work.  Some days he colors or does puzzles.  Overall he seems to enjoy the process.

Here are some more pics of Ethan doing some of his work.  Some days he reads out loud to Micah.  Most days I read out loud to him at some point (right now we are reading, “Prince Caspian”).  Sometimes we go for run/bikes for gym class – E LOVES doing that and the path by our house is so accessible!

I started working on teaching Micah how to hear the sounds the letters make and put them into words.  We’re a long ways away from reading, yet, but it’s a start.  He seemed to really enjoy the project – he first cut out the words, then I put them in the eggs and he took them out and figured out which letters needed to be glued on each square of the paper.  It was hard work for him!

He doesn’t always like changing his clothes…don’t judge. =P

The boys made “Easter snacks” the other day.  The almond butter is supposed to be a cross…and the dried cranberries are Jesus.  Hmm…

And here’s Ethan’s latest presentation at CC:

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