Grandma Cleve’s Visit!

Grandma Cleve came out to visit us this past weekend.  She was probably one of the most excited people when we decided to move back to Colorado.  A quick weekend trip is so accessible for her now!  What a special treat for all of us!  She landed late on Friday night and flew home already on Sunday evening, but we made the most of our time together and packed in loads of fun!

We’re trying to increase our veggie intake, so we had some new recipes to try out while she was here.  Everyone seemed to enjoy all of them.  Anyway, you’ll see a few different meals in this post. =)  Breakfast was sweet potato “toast” with various veggies on top.

We went up to Copper Mountain to enjoy the views on Saturday morning/afternoon.  The boys hadn’t been up to see the mountains, yet, so this was fun for them.  And we discovered that we had never taken Grandma Cleve further than Idaho Springs in all of her previous visits, so she was excited to see more of the views!  We enjoyed yummy mac and cheeses and grilled cheese sandwiches up there.

On the way home, we went over the Continental Divide (a milestone for Grandma Cleve and the boys).

Another milestone: we all tried kumquats for the first time.  Some of us liked it better than others!  We saved one for Zach to try; he was very suspicious of us and didn’t have much of a “kumquat face”, as Grandma Cleve calls it.  He came over to join us for dinner that evening (we ate at our table for the first time! milestone alert!).

We went to church on Sunday (after another new breakfast – prosciutto wrapped mangoes and sweet potato hash) and took that opportunity to snap a quick picture of the whole group.

After lunch and a brief rest, we headed down to the park for some playtime.  Micah got a bloody nose from his wrestling with Daddio.  He’s such a brave guy!  Grandma Cleve took some awesome pictures and videos from our time here.  (Sometime I’ll have to figure out how to do videos on YouTube so that I don’t use up all of our space on this site.)

We took very few pictures while playing inside…I guess that’s because the weather was perfect and we were outside most of the time!

We loved having Grandma Cleve with us for the weekend!  Thanks, again, for visiting us!

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