Every Day Livin’

Here are some of the latest pics of our homeschool life.  Micah is continuing his work on letter recognition, number order and doing some writing.  His name has become very much improved as of late, but I don’t have a picture to prove it.  Sorry!  Ethan absolutely loves playing Qwirkle.  He is in charge of adding all of the scores and answering Memory work review questions before placing down his tiles.  The game takes a lot longer, but it sure is fun to mix games with learning!!

We officially have enough seating to start hosting people for dinner.  We had Reggie over for one meal and also the Gossett fam!  Such a treat!

We have A LOT of “civil wars” happening in our home.  Micah has begun to play dead and often is heard saying pleasant things like, “I’m going to kill him to death” or “I know you won’t like this, Mom, but this is a gun.”

Some of our dear friends recently got baby chicks (again).  Micah is a HUGE fan.  He held this little baby until it literally fell asleep in his hands.  Very sweet.  Micah loves to dress fancy. =)

We are still working on increasing our veggie intake. =)

Micah is working on doing cartwheels. =)

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